– A Journey into the Future

20X0 – A journey into the future

We’re off to the city of the future where the year is 20X0! This exhibition is a city simulator – a place to make the choices that will shape tomorrow’s world. The exhibition’s key theme is lifestyles, and their sustainability.

As visitors move through the exhibition – wearing a personal ID wristband – they make choices that impact on the future of housing, eating, transport, materials consumption, and more. In real time, the simulator calculates a personal sustainability barometer, to be compared with the choices made by previous visitors.

Of the 16 exhibits, the biggest attraction is the space elevator, which whisks passengers into orbit around the Earth revealing a wealth of information about the ways that space will be needed and used in the future. The journey to the 20X0 city also includes trips to a restaurant, library, shop, and self-service health clinic.

The 20X0 exhibition aims to wake us up to what the future might hold. The future is in our hands –­ the best way to predict it is to build it ourselves.

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Technical Information

Exhibition: 20X0 – A journey into the future
Exhibits: 16
Size: 500 m²
Other requirements: Voltage 230 V
Languages: Designed for three languages (Fin, Swe, Eng)
For more information: Kindly contact hop@heureka.fi