Behind the Scenes

An exhibition on movies and special effects

Behind the Scenes – An exhibition on movies and special effects

Now you can become a director, a cinematographer, or even an actor!

Twenty exhibits include the unique Dolly Zoom, Cable Cam and Bullet time (Matrix). Everything you see in the exhibition is completely functional, including the 70 cameras!

Behind the Scenes was created by Science Centre AHHAA, with the help from Estonian movie and cinematography experts and is being marketed by HEUREKA Overseas Productions Ltd. In the exhibition you can learn how green screen effects are created and create some by yourself! See how movie make-up works and how regular people can be made look like monsters. You can also try on different movie costumes, create stop motion cartoons and try to film with CableCam, crane camera and the dolly.

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Techinical information

Exhibits: 20 exhibits + walls for movie set
Size: 600 – 1000 m2
Ceiling height: Min 2.5 m, max 5.0 m; the exhibition can be built in two floors
Width: 1.2 m
Other requirements: Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Languages: Graphic design is set up for four language versions
Languages available: English, Russian, Latvian and Estonian
Shipping: Four (4) trucks (13.6 m) / Four (4) containers
Availability:  Kindly confirm with