Moon Circuit

In the Moon Circuit, we get to know the Earth's own Moon with the Science on a Sphere -device: what is it like and how did it come to be? In addition to our own Moon, let's get to know the other moons of our Solar System. Expect volcanoes, ice, seas, massive collisions, extreme temperatures – and even life? The Moon Circuit is led by Heureka-inspirer.

Science On a Sphere is a projection device developed by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Information collected by satellites about the oceans, climate, earth's crust and space is mainly projected onto the surface of the sphere, which has a two-dimensional diameter. Some of the material is updated every day.


For whom: Grades 3–9, high school, vocational second level

Duration: 30 min

Maximum group size: 30 students


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