Our Journey in Space - a new exhibition

How can we protect Earth so that it remains habitable for as long as possible? How do we ensure that our ship remains in good condition and protected from external threats?

Space operations are essential to protect Earth and life. In the functional Our Journey in Space exhibition, you can jump into the shoes of a space professional and perform various tasks.

Exhibition open 10.2.2024 - 11.1.2026

Get to know the exhibition
  • Heurekan turvallisemman tilan periaatteet

    Heurekan turvallisemman tilan periaatteet

    Heurekassa jokaisella pitää ola turvallinen olo. Kun olen Heurekassa, noudatan näitä turvallisen tilan periaatteita. 

  • Kesän tiedeleirit 2024

    Summer Science Camps 2024 in English weeks 27 & 28


    Note! There are English-speaking camps on weeks 27 and 28. All other camps are in Finnish.

  • Torstain iltalippu kympillä

    Thursday evening ticket for 10 €


    Heureka offers admission tickets for 10 euros on Thursdays from 15:00 to 20:00 for both adults and children and young people aged 5-17. Children under the age of 5 can enter Heureka free of charge with a guardian. Thursday evening ticket prices are not valid 20.6.–8.8., 17.10., 5.12. and 26.12.

  • Planetaario suljetaan 12.8.2024 alkaen

    Planetaario suljetaan 12.8.2024 alkaen


    Planetaario on avoinna kesällä joka päivä, joten ehdit vielä katsomaan elokuvia ennen kuin planetaario suljetaan 12.8. alkaen ison uudistusremontin takia.

  • Jokiniemen arkeologiset kaivaukset

    Archaeological excavations at Jokiniemi


    Sign up and come and learn the excavation technique of archaeological excavation in practice! The excavations will be carried out on 24–28 June 2024 and 1–5 July 2024.

  • Lahjalippu Heurekaan

    Gift ticket to Heureka

    Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

    A gift of shared time with science experiences! With a gift ticket, you can experience a whopping 7 interactive exhibitions and the planetarium's captivating films.

  • Heurekassa toteutetuista ympäristöteoista esimerkkinä ovat vuonna 2023 katolle asennetut aurinkopaneelit.

    EcoCompass environmental certificate for Heureka


    Heureka awarded with EcoCompass environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland mark

  • Heurekassa kaikkien aikojen 5. vilkkain vuosi

    Heureka's 5th busiest year ever


    The year 2023 was Heureka's fifth busiest ever in the science center's 34-year history. There were almost 348,000 visitors last year

  • Pukukoodi: kestävä

    Dress code: sustainable – Goodbye, fast fashion!


    Clothing production and consumption are currently exceeding the limits of the planet’s sustainability. Today, we produce twice as much clothing as we did 20 years ago. We produce large amounts of clothes quickly, and their quality is poor. This phenomenon is called ‘fast fashion’.  Fast fashion works differently from traditional...

  • Matkalla avaruudessa

    Our Journey in Space


    Our Journey in Space is an interactive science center exhibition for the whole family

  • Leikin voima

    The Power of Play


    Long live playfulness and curiosity! The Power of Play exhibition encourages children and adults alike to throw themselves into the world of play.

  • Tekoäly – Me, Myself & AI

    Artificial Intelligence – Me, Myself & AI

    Welcome to the village of the Scientist's home full of artificial intelligence! Can you beat the robot in rock-paper-scissors?

  • Ulkonäyttelyt

    Exhibitions Outdoors

    Science Park Galilei is open during the summer.

  • Heureka-klassikot

    Heureka Classics

    Experience classic destinations with the whole family together! Heureka classics Charm year after year.

  • Sähkölä

    Electri City

    Delve into smart electricity in your everyday life! What is a smart home like and how can you yourself use electricity intelligently?

  • Kiertotehdas

    Circular Factory

    Circular Factory is an exhibition of sustainable development solutions. How can familiar objects be recycled as efficiently as possible?

  • Ideaverstas

    The Idea Workshop

    In the challenges of the idea shop, you can aim for style, speed or, for example, slowness.

  • Tiedettä pallolla

    Science on a Sphere

    The Science on a Ball site presents data collected by satellites about climate and space, among other things.

  • Päänäyttelyalueen ikisuosikit

    Main Exhibition Area

    In the main exhibition area, a few old favorites are on display, such as the wire wheel and Foucault's pendulum.

  • Suolistossa suhisee

    The Wind in The Bowels

    The Wind in The Bowels exhibition presents the structure and function of a healthy digestive tract in a fun and visual way, and tells how the body obtains the building materials and fuel it needs from food.

  • Elävät maailmat

    Living worlds

    27 min.

    The film Living Worlds tells how life and the Earth have developed together and how life has shaped the Earth's surface and climate over billions of years.

  • 3-2-1 Matkaan!

    3-2-1 Liftoff!

    32 min

    An animated film about courage, intelligence and friendship. -And about the adventure towards space!

  • Satelix


    26 min

    The film Satelix tells about satellites, their history and the information they produce in our everyday life.

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