The Secret World of Moths 

The film production company Pohjankonna has produced the first-ever Finnish full-length planetarium film.

The Secret World of Moths is an upbeat adventure into the world of moths and insects. The film traverses from the equator to the polar circle with different moth species. The two extreme life environments help us to comprehend life’s diversity, fragility and capacity for renewal. The film makes use of 3D X-ray tomography to investigate insects at the microscopic level.

The film is based on an extensive body of Finnish and international research into the lifecycle of moths as well as their physiology, ecology and evolution. Kristjan Niitepõld, PhD, from the University of Helsinki Department of Biology says that the film shows really clearly how different species are interlinked with their environment, including both living and non-living elements. Technological development has enabled the imaging of microscopically small objects for the documentary in a way that allows us to see the structures in detail, literally deeper than the surface.

“The film includes come stunning cinematography of the complex breathing mechanism through spiracles, which is a great example of a biological question to which micro-tomography could help give answers. Efficient ventilation of breathing gasses is the key for the exceptionally high speed of metabolism that flying insects have,” says Niitepõld.

The film production company Pohjankonna has produced the first-ever Finnish full-length (22 min) planetarium film for the whole family – The Secret World of Moths – in collaboration with Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. Pohjankonna Oy is a film production company established by Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen in 2008 whose short documentaries have been shown on all continents. The films have won several awards in Finland and abroad.

Age limit: 5 years old
Runtime: Approx. 25 min.
Language: The narration of the shows is in Finnish, but voice-overs in Swedish, English and Russian can be listened to with headphones available at the entrance of the planetarium.