Electri City

Electri City, a town of smart electricity! Can you produce by yourself the same amount of energy as there is in the battery of your phone? Would you survive a three-day power failure?

At Electri City you can explore smart electricity in your daily life. In the exhibition, you’ll find out how electricity makes its way from the power station to your home, what a smart home is like, and how you can use electricity smartly yourself. The exhibition’s escape room lets you test if you would survive a power failure for three days. In Electri City, you can experience how much energy can be stored in the battery of a modern smartphone, and how fast an electric sauna stove would consume the same amount of electricity.

The Electri City exhibition is realized as a part of the multi-year collaborative project by the electricity safety association STEK and Heureka. Other partners involved in creating the exhibition are the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, and Brammer Ltd.

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