About a Coin

Heureka’s About a Coin exhibition gives visitors information on production of money and its qualities. About a Coin has been produced in co-operation with the Mint of Finland.

Immortalise your face on a coin!

Coins have traditionally depicted remarkable historical figures. At the Heureka exhibition, all visitors can mint a coin of their own and immortalise their portrait. In addition, the exhibition will allow them to closely examine the coins in their pocket and verify their authenticity.

At the exhibition, visitors can watch how circulation coins are manufactured. It is also possible to discover the numismatic art of the euro zone countries. Every two euro coin’s national side from the countries belonging to the euro zone as of the 1st of January, 2011 is presented in the exhibition.

About a coin consists of four exhibits

  • Mint your own coin
  • The tail of a coin (About the production of coins, duration 3 min. )
  • Examine the authenticity of euro coins
  • Beautiful articles for everyday use

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