The Wind in the Bowels

Fun and demonstrative exhibition

The Wind in the Bowels is fun and demonstrative exhibition teaches visitors about the structure and functions of a healthy digestive tract, and tells how our bodies get the building materials and fuel that they need from the food we eat.

The Wind in the Bowels exhibition features many different exhibits. Visitors can try on the organ vest or learn about the breakdown of nutrients in a fast-paced game that enables you to break down nutrients by striking them with enzyme balls. They can also take our quiz to test their knowledge of digestion or marvel at the functional surface area of the small intestine – breaking wind has not been forgotten either!

Exhibition’s topics

The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the amazing functions of those parts of our bodies that are often forgotten. Some of the exhibition’s topics, such as intestinal bacteria, are currently the subject of extensive research. The latest research information has been utilised in planning this exhibition, and the contents will be further updated as new research results become available.

This exhibition is opened as part of Heureka’s main exhibition and has been designed in co-operation with the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim in honour of its 130th jubilee year in 2011.

In co-operation