Wild Wild Wood

Open until 8th of January 2023

Red Dot design award

Science Centre Heureka’s Wild Wild Wood exhibition has been awarded the internationally widely recognized Red Dot design award in the “Brands & Communication Design 2022” series.

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Puun lumoa SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

Bends, Flexes, Endures

The Wild Wild Wood exhibition reveals the superpowers of wood – its many excellent properties and uses. What do different tree species smell like? What is the sound of wood? How do wooden buildings withstand earthquakes and fires?

Erilaisia puun viilutusmuotoja SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

What is the exhibition about?

Wood is a carbon sink – a material for building sustainable societies. Wild Wild Wood demonstrates the versatility of wood as a material. In addition to traditional sawing, wood is now worked with computers and automation. Architects can even use it to create skyscrapers. The exhibition also illustrates the importance of forests and durable wooden products in mitigating climate change.

The exhibition is a multisensory, personal and powerful experience of the wonders of wood, with many fun shared activities!

Kuuntele vanhan puun kannon tarina SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

In co-operation

The exhibition is sponsored by the Wood Building Programme of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Federation of Finnish Woodworking Industries, the Finnish Forest Foundation, Metsä Wood, Stora Enso, UPM Plywood, Isku, Novart and Versowood.

In exhibition, for example, you can

Build the wooden city of your dreams

Rakenna palikoista SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

Observe how wood is used through augmented reality binoculars

Katso kameralla palon jälkiä SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

Make your impression on a large wood pin wall

SuperPUU-näyttelyn kahteen puupinniseinään on jätetty ihmisen ääriviivakuvat.

Design, laser engrave and keep a wooden key ring as a souvenir

Kaiverra avaimenperä SuperPUU-näyttelyssä.

In co-operation