Big Bang Legends

A learning environment on particle physics

Big Bang Legends

A learning environment on particle physics

This is Heureka’s physical Learning Environment based on Lightneer’s Big Bang Legends mobile game with content that inspires learning about particle physics. Big Bang Legends is now available for purchase and rental.

In the Learning Environment, visitors are able to find out about atoms, their structure, role and properties. They can also meet some of the atom characters from the game, essential for life to happen, like the energetic Carbon or the abundant Oxygen, and have fun with blasting Nitrogen and Helium.  Some curiosities about the Periodic table – home of the elements are included.

Big Bang Legends mobile game teaches the basic particle physics concepts to children and teenagers, but everyone is invited to play.

Experiences and activities:

  • Science show and pop-up demonstrations related to atoms
  • Learning videos about atomic and particle physics
  • Big scale periodic table
  • Gaming area
  • Playing card games
  • Books related to the content
  • Blasting game


  • CERN

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Technical Information

Exhibition: Big Bang Legends
Exhibits: 8 islands

Size: 150 m²
Ceiling height: 2.2 m
Other requirements: Voltage 230 V
Rental period: Negotiable
Other costs: Shipping, insurance, text translations
Languages: Graphic design for two languages
Shipping: approx. 4 Euro pallets; plywood box
Availability: Kindly confirm with

Package includes

  • Marketing pictures and videos
  • Scripts and manuals for science shows and pop-up demos
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Supervision of installation and dismantling of one day
  • Production of exhibition text layouts
  • Technical training
  • Technical manual
  • Shipping arrangements
  • Shipping insurance arrangements