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Science On a Sphere partnership Vaisala

Vaisala is active in the international science community and partners with the Finnish Science Centre Heureka to increase the awareness and understanding of the public of the natural sciences, innovations and the environment. Partnership is one of Vaisala’s ways to encourage both the young and older generations to discover sciences and to promote the development of innovations.

The Science On a Sphere exhibition is particularly important for Vaisala: It manifests our mission “Observations for a better world” in a very concrete manner. This is the planet that is our home. It is vital for all of us to know, study and protect it. On the other hand, the Mars exhibition increases our understanding of space and planetary research as well as the role of technology in providing solutions to the great mega trends of our time. I hope the exhibition also expands the visitors’ views of their own career opportunities: not even the sky is the limit,” says Miia Lahti, Communications & Brand Manager at Vaisala. 

“Our partnership with Heureka is straightforward, smooth and, above all, inspiring. I see a future full of possibilities, since we find science education important and want to be part of it. We want to encourage children and young people to embrace science and research. The world, Earth and our everyday life are full of small miracles, but we too rarely stop and appreciate them all. With Heureka, we share a common interest in scientific phenomena and a mindset of an inquisitive explorer. In addition, we both want to sprinkle tiny seeds of excitement about research and the sciences to the public,” says Miia.

Vaisala has been a supporter of the Science On a Sphere project, which involves four video projectors that project animated images of current phenomena on Earth and in space onto the surface of a large sphere. During the guided performances, visitors can analyse satellite data collected on oceans, the climate, Earth’s crust and space.

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