Partnership stories

The Secret of the Gut partnership: Biocodex

Biocodex is a pharmaceuticals company whose objective is to share researched information in an inspiring manner and encourage people to promote their well-being. Heureka’s mission about the joy of discovery and vision about the unique way to experience, learn and get excited about science are excellently aligned with the objectives of Biocodex. One of the key areas at Biocodex is the connection between the gut microbiota and health, so for us, the Secret of the Gut exhibition felt like a perfect occasion to start the partnership,” says Virve Vanhala, Marketing and Communication Director at Biocodex.

“Cooperation with Heureka is smooth, flexible and warm. Heureka employees are genuinely interested in finding good solutions for all parties concerned and are always open to new ideas.  Biocodex hopes to find new projects with Heureka in the future as well. Our objectives and values seem to be well aligned, which ensures that the partnership is rewarding for both parties. It has been great to gain a more in-depth understanding of Heureka’s extensive offering for different target groups, ranging from events for schoolchildren to evening events for adults only. Heureka is an international operator and a valued partner around the world as well,” says Virve.

The Secret of the Gut exhibition illustrated the functioning of the gut and revealed secrets of the human body. The exhibition helped visitors understand how intelligent the gut actually is and how the information can be applied for the improvement of well-being in daily life.

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