Pop-up Heureka

Science learning made accessible in a new way!

Pop-up Heureka

Inspired by the success of the Science Circus concept and the demand expressed by the public, Heureka has developed a new way to make science learning more accessible to various target and age groups. Pop-Up Heureka is a science show featuring demonstrations, experiments and interaction, revealed surprisingly from a traveling trunk right in the middle of the audience.

Launched in spring 2014, Pop-Up Heureka is constructed in a manner which makes it unique even compared to other science centres around the world. The traveling trunk contains a built-in stage, audio and video equipment, lights as well as a phenomenal and memorable physics based science show that is presented by a guide. In cooperation with the physics teacher unit at the University of Helsinki, Heureka has created a show based on modern science teaching methods which are motivating and facilitate learning. Designed with content which addresses all ages, Pop-Up Heureka promotes lifelong learning, encourages presenter and audience interaction and activates visitors to think about the phenomena presented in the show. A Pop-Up Heureka show can be followed by hundreds of spectators at a time. There is no seating; the spectators gather around the stage.


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Price in the Helsinki Metropolitan area is €2,400 + vat (in total €2,976) per day, including transportation, 3–5 shows, presenter fees and presentation material.
Pop-Up Heureka is placed indoors and requires a regular electrical outlet.

Further information

Jutta Kujasalo

Learning Manager
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