Please also book your admission via this option, if you have a free entry ticket, a gift card, a cultural benefit, a Museum Card, a Heureka Club annual pass or if you are a personal care assistant. 


  • You can buy or book a ticket at the latest day before your visit. Same-day tickets are only available in Heureka.
  • If you have a free entry ticket, a gift card, a Museum Card, a Heureka Club card, a teacher benefit (OAJ) or a cultural benefit, or if you are a personal care assistant, please choose the option ‘I already have a ticket’. Please be prepared to show your ticket or other document entitling you to admission to our customer service personnel at the ticket booth. Payment for teacher or cultural benefits will be collected on your arrival at the ticket booth. 
  • The Heureka ticket gives one-day admission to all exhibitions and planetarium shows at the science centre. 

How does the ticket shop work? 

Click on the product you want on the left and choose the day of your visit. Add the product(s) to the basket. Fill in your contact details and choose your method of payment. All common online payment methods are available.

How are the tickets delivered? 

After your purchase, you will be sent an e-mail containing the details of your order and an electronic ticket, accompanied by a QR code.

What happens next?

Bring your ticket with you on your visit to Heureka. You may present the ticket to ticket sales, either as a print-out or in an electronic form. Welcome!