Travelling Exhibitions

Heureka’s temporary exhibitions cover a vast number of different themes. We offer both rental and sales turnkey packages that include exhibit design, installation and maintenance services. You can also pick and mix the exhibits in any way you like.

All our exhibitions have a solid scientific background and have been tested in our science centre. Over the years, Heureka’s exhibitions have covered a vast variety of themes and topics. With up-to-date themes, our expertise in content design and production ensures a fun educational experience for all ages. Rather than creating an exhibition from scratch yourself, you can rent or purchase a Heureka exhibition and literally save hours of your time and money. Furthermore, if you decide to buy a copy, you are free to rent it further to others. You can choose a turnkey solution of any exhibition in our portfolio. Examples of these are Children’s Heureka, Move and Play!, 20X0 – A Journey into the Future and the Science Circus. More than 30 Heureka’s exhibitions have already travelled in almost thirty countries and been visited by 29 million people worldwide.

Designed for easy moving and packing, all Heureka exhibitions fit into 2–6 containers. The exhibits usually operate in at least three languages simultaneously, with exhibition sizes ranging from 300 m² to 600 m². We pay special attention to technical requirements of travelling exhibitions in the production phase.

Individual Parts of the Exhibitions

You can also pick and mix the exhibits in any way you like. You have the possibility to choose just one piece, or an entire collection to complement your existing exhibition. This enables you to prolong the lifetime of an existing exhibition in a cost-effective way. By buying individual parts of our other exhibits, you can also upgrade and expand the theme of your own exhibition.

Customized Copy of an Exhibition

Often the exhibition is perfect as it is, but there are times when it might lack a specific necessary element for your market and its customers. Some exhibits may simply not match your market due to their cultural context. For those situations, we offer the possibility to tailor the exhibition according to the specifics known only to you.