Winter Games

An exhibition on the science and fun in winter sports

An exhibition on the science and fun in winter sports

We all know many winter sport disciplines and have seen them on TV. We may even have tried a few of them. But the Winter Games exhibition is probably the only opportunity you’ll ever get to try this wide a range of Olympic winter sports and learn what it takes to achieve great results in each of them. Winter Games invites you to actively engage yourself in a number of disciplines and the science behind them.

Be an athlete. Test yourself. Push the limits of your comfort zone in a safe environment. Compete and cooperate with other athletes. Explore the science behind each sport.

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Technical information

Exhibition: Winter Games
Exhibits: 21
Size: 600 m²
Ceiling height: General height 3 m; highest exhibit 5 m
Other requirements: Voltage 230 V
Languages: 3 (already available Eng, Fin, Swe, Dan, Nor)
Shipping: Three 13.5 m trailers
Availability: Kindly confirm with

Examples of exhibits

  • Ski Jumping
  • Try a Bobsleigh
  • Train Figure Skating Pirouettes
  • Curling on Artificial Ice
  • Can You Score in Ice Hockey?
  • Biathlon
  • Try Downhill Simulator
  • Freestyle Training
  • Throw Snowballs Safely
  • Winter Sport Commentator Karaoke
  • Most Memorable Winter Games
  • Optimise Your Skis
  • Curling Stone and Brush