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Travelling exhibitions and more

Heureka aims to share its unique collection of various exhibitions and exhibits with a global audience. Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd enables a wide-ranging selection of both touring exhibitions and exhibit copies for this very purpose.

Our exhibitions travel each year to locations outside of Finland to ensure that a much larger number of visitors can have the same experience as our local visitors.


Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre has more than twenty years of experience in building exhibitions that are designed to tour. Since 2003, Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd has been responsible for the rentals and sales of travelling exhibitions.

Heureka’s exhibitions have travelled in more than twenty countries and achieved over 16 million visitors. In production phase, we pay special attention to the technical requirements. Exhibits are designed for easy moving and packing. All exhibitions fit to 2-6 containers. They usually operate at least in three languages simultaneously. The size ranges from 300 m² to 600 m² . Over the years, our exhibitions have covered a variety of themes.

Heureka’s expertise in design and production of exhibits ensure the high quality learning experience. We believe that Joy of Discovery belongs to every one and therefore, our exhibitions are designed to appeal to all age groups.

Tailored Exhibitions

Heureka’s temporary exhibitions cover a vast number of different themes.  We offer both rental and sales turnkey packages that include exhibit design, installation and maintenance services. You can also pick and mix the exhibits in any way you like.

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Travelling Science Centre

The Traveling Science Centre is a compact high quality science centre including science exhibition, science shop and tinkering.

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Concept Exhibitions

When purchasing a concept exhibition, you will receive the idea and guidelines how to create an inspirational, high quality and engaging exhibition of your own design.

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Science workshops

Science workshops provide a practical way of learning science. Children are proven to learn more effectively in a fun learning experience together. Heureka can provide ready-made themed concepts with learning targets, along with the necessary materials and scripts for the workshops.

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Content creation consultation

We can identify the subjects and provide the required tools to create memorable experiences. Consultation is always tailor-made for your purposes and to meet your needs.


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For more information about the touring exhibitions as well as other related services, please contact:

Irmeli Jyrinsalo
Senior Export Advisor
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Marika Ollaranta
Project Management
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Ines Montalvao
Content Design
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