Science learning programmes

The Science learning programmes provide a practical, inquiry and phenomena-based method for science and STEM subject learning. The learning programmes support science and cross-curricula learning, future workforce skill learning, communication, and teamwork. The learning outcomes include a better understanding of science and STEM subjects and science working skills, ICT use and sustainability.  Children are proven to gain learning outcomes from participating in learning programmes and visiting exhibitions at a science centre (H. Salmi, H. Thuneberg, M-P. Vainikainen 2017, J. Falk, M. Storksdieck 2005).

Heureka can provide ready-made themed learning programme concepts including learning targets, necessary material and equipment lists and full manuscripts with background information and tips and instructions for facilitating the learning programme for students.

Heureka’s learning programmes are tested in practice and have been run multiple times at the Science Centre and thus been polished to operate smoothly and provide the wanted outcomes. The learning programmes are divided into selected themes, e.g., chemistry, sustainability, and electronics. Employee training is included in the concept. The ready-made science learning programmes are an ideal fit for museums, science centres and edutainment companies and provide an inspiring offering to deepen scientific understanding of visitors.