Birthday treats

Birthday packages include a table decorated with streamers and balloons reserved for birthday guests with an ice cream ball cake, juice, popcorn and chips.

In addition, you can order additional treats in advance from the selection below!

  • Treats to be ordered individually

    Slush ice drink (M, G) €5.20 each

    Children's hamburger with french fries (L, beef or vegan vegetable patty) (M, G) €13.90/piece

    Children's chicken basket
    (broiler tenderloin, french fries, mild chili mayonnaise and watermelon) (L, G) €13.50/piece

    Hodari (M, gluten-free or soy-based if ordered separately) €4.90/pc

    Donut (VL) €3.80/pc

    Fruit mug (seasonal fruit salad) €4.20/pc

    Whistle juices (raspberry or orange) €2.50/pc

    Coffee/tea €3.30/pc

  • Treats to share with the whole party (for 6–10 people)

    Marshmallow bowl (M, G) €6.90/pc

    Cookie selection (VL) €9.90/pc

    Selection of vegetable sticks (M, G) and dip (L, G) €14.00/piece

  • Beverage options

    Whistle juices (raspberry or orange) €2.50/pc

    Coffee/tea €3.30/pc

Order and payment

Order additional delicacies directly from Tiederavintola by e-mail:

Additional goodies are delivered directly to the birthday table when the order is placed no later than a week (7 days) before the time of the birthday.

The science restaurant confirms your catering order, which also serves as the basis for the invoice. Orders are paid on the birthday at Tiederavintola.

Please note that you cannot bring your own snacks to the restaurant.