• Partnerships

    Our partnership network includes several innovative companies, foundations and educational and research institutions, with whom we make the phenomena of science and society interesting and understandable.

    With the support of our partners, we enable high-quality science education and communication and increase Finnish science capital.

  • Are you interested in a partnership? Take contact:

    Marjut Sirola
    Partnership Specialist
    tel. +358 40 9015 343

  • Vaikuttavuusohjelmat

    Impact programs

    Our impact programs are suitable for organizations that want to participate in the presentation of socially significant themes. In addition to the science center exhibition, our broadest partnership model includes public and stakeholder events, learning materials and workshops. The effectiveness program can inspire future experts, especially children and young people, to join science.

  • Kummiluokat

    Sponsored Science Classes

    The support of the partners makes it possible for numerous school- and early childhood-age children to visit Heureka every year. Sponsored class packages are directed together with a partner to school classes or early childhood education groups in the area considered. The Heureka trip inspires students to get to know the achievements of science and the innovations that make our everyday lives easier.

  • Tapahtumakumppanuus tuo vieraat tieteen pariin.

    Event partnership

    We organize several public events for the whole family every year. The events offer science experiences and fun activities through different themes. Our most popular events are, for example, Children's Medicine Day, Chemistry Night and H18 evening events for adults. We are also happy to organize partners' own stakeholder events in our large and adaptable spaces.

  • Kohdeyhteistyö

    Target cooperation

    As a result of target cooperation, e.g. Science on a ball object, which is one of our most popular exhibition objects. Science on the ball presents, among other things, climate change and space research interactively. Daily guided shows are organized at the site. The site has been developed in cooperation with our long-term partner.

  • Ideaverstasyhteistyö

    Idea workshop cooperation

    Ideaverstas is an area for creative problem solving and workshops. Various challenges are devised, built and solved in the workshops. Ideaverstas develops cooperation and problem solving skills, knowledge of materials and technical understanding. Desired solutions are developed by ideating, experimenting, testing and improving.

  • Musta tuntuu

    "I feel..."

    We are looking for partners for the realization of an impressive 6-meter-diameter work of art. The winning work of the idea competition organized by Heureka and STEK ry, "Musta sämmut..." was designed by architect Pentti Kareoja and sculptor Aimo Katajamäki. The metal sculpture combines both science and art as well as the laws of optics and new technological innovations.

"We want to be strongly involved in supporting the education of science subjects and maintaining interest in science, and Heureka offers an exciting way to learn about science in a practical and interactive environment."

- Meri Vainikka, CEO, PPG Tikkurila

  • Heureka x ABLOY

    "Genuine enthusiasm for cooperation, listening to the partner's wishes and interactive ideation together came really naturally from the Heureka team, and through them we were able to plan and implement a diamond cooperation that achieved all our goals."

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  • Heureka x Tevella

    "Tevella wants to be involved in a collaboration that enables learning and development together. Heureka works in partnership as an inspiring environment that offers a practical and interactive way to learn science and combines pedagogy with it in an innovative way"

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  • Artificial Intelligence x CSC

    "We are involved in Heureka's Artificial Intelligence and Robotics effectiveness program and the Me, myself & AI exhibition. We want to make ordinary people aware of the possibilities of artificial intelligence and tell what can be done with it."

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  • Children's Medicine Day x THL

    "Heureka's professionalism in organizing the event was first class. All the arrangements work great. The experience was inspiring, so we are thinking about producing similar event content in the future as well."

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  • Heureka x Elgood/Partco

    "In addition to visibility, the partnership gives us valuable user experience and feedback as well as development suggestions for our product range. For Heureka, the partnership offers flexibility and additional opportunities for various new experiments and ideas."

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  • Power of play x PPG Tikkurila

    "Heureka and PPG Tikkurila have many things in common, which makes Heureka a natural partner for us. We want to be strongly involved in supporting the education of science subjects and maintaining interest in science, and Heureka offers an exciting way to learn about science in a practical and interactive environment."

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  • Heureka x STEK

    "The collaboration has been very fruitful, smooth and fun. Your inspirers also inspire your partners. So far, our partnership has produced completely new forms from time to time, and we believe that we will find new opportunities in the future as well."

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  • Kohdeyhteistyö

    Science on the ball x Vaisala

    "Collaboration with Heureka is natural, smooth and, above all, inspiring. I see a future full of possibilities, because science education is an important area for us, in which we want to be involved. We want to encourage children and young people to work in science and research."

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  • The Secret of the Gut x Biocodex

    "Cooperation with Heureka is smooth, flexible and warm. The people of Heureka have a genuine desire to find a solution that is good for all parties, and they are receptive to new ideas."

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  • SuperPUU x UPM Plywood

    "The stratospheric flight of the prototype of the world's first wood satellite WISA Woodsat was organized in June 2021 in front of Heureka."

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