Ethical reporting channel

Heureka's ethical reporting channel offers the opportunity to confidentially report abuses and activities observed in Heureka's operations that violate European Union legislation or national legislation. in the areas of legislation listed in the whistleblower protection act. The notification channel is an important tool for reducing risks and maintaining trust, because it helps Heureka to detect potential abuses and react to them at an early stage. The maintenance of Heureka's reporting channel is based on the Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Violations of European Union and National Law (1171/2022).

Please note that the notification channel is not intended for providing customer feedback about Heureka's services or products.

We will be happy to receive your feedback via the feedback form .

This is how you make a notification via the notification channel

  • Open the notification channel and fill out the form found behind the link.
  • You will receive a code with which you can later log in and follow the progress of the notification and communicate with the handlers of the notification.

Good to know about the notification channel

  • Only persons authorized to process it can see your announcement.
  • Notifications are treated confidentially - your identity is protected.
  • You can also report anonymously.
  • The notification channel has been implemented in cooperation with a neutral partner.
  • By using Heureka's ethical reporting channel, you accept the reporting channel's privacy statement .