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Dress code: sustainable – Goodbye, fast fashion!


Clothing production and consumption are currently exceeding the limits of the planet’s sustainability.

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Our Journey in Space


Our Journey in Space is an interactive science center exhibition for the whole family

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The Power of Play


Long live playfulness and curiosity! The Power of Play exhibition encourages children and adults alike to throw themselves into the world of play.

Tekoäly – Me, Myself & AI

Artificial Intelligence – Me, Myself & AI

Welcome to the village of the Scientist's home full of artificial intelligence! Can you beat the robot in rock-paper-scissors?


Exhibitions Outdoors

Science Park Galilei is open during the summer.


Heureka Classics

Experience classic destinations with the whole family together! Heureka classics Charm year after year.


Electri City

Delve into smart electricity in your everyday life! What is a smart home like and how can you yourself use electricity intelligently?


Circular Factory

Circular Factory is an exhibition of sustainable development solutions. How can familiar objects be recycled as efficiently as possible?


The Idea Workshop

In the challenges of the idea shop, you can aim for style, speed or, for example, slowness.

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Science on a Sphere

The Science on a Ball site presents data collected by satellites about climate and space, among other things.

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Main Exhibition Area

In the main exhibition area, a few old favorites are on display, such as the wire wheel and Foucault's pendulum.

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The Wind in The Bowels

The Wind in The Bowels exhibition presents the structure and function of a healthy digestive tract in a fun and visual way, and tells how the body obtains the building materials and fuel it needs from food.