€32 / child

Birthday chemistry

At the birthday chemistry party, a birthday cake is made in a science center style! In the laboratory program led by the inspirer, the children build a uv-sparkling birthday cake, the inside of which releases clouds. In addition
slightly different soap bubbles are made.

In addition to the laboratory program, the birthday chemistry package includes
delicious food at Tiederavintola and Heureka tickets valid for the whole day.

Birthday chemistry parties can be booked on Saturdays at 11:00, 13:00 or 15:00.

After the laboratory part (duration approx. 35–40 min.), birthday treats in the Science Restaurant. The instigator runs the laboratory program and then takes the group to a restaurant. Celebrants should also set aside time for independent exhibitions and getting to know the day's other programs either before or after the birthday program part.


Birthday chemistry birthdays cost €32/child (at least 6 children). Group size 6–16 children. One adult can enter Heureka free of charge for every ten children starting

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€28 / child

Planetarium birthdays

At planetarium birthdays, a personalized congratulatory video for the birthday hero is shown before the actual movie in the planetarium. You can check out the film alternatives in the planetarium here.

Planetarium birthdays also include a delicious birthday meal at Tiederavintola and Heureka tickets valid for the whole day.

Planetarium birthdays can be booked on Saturdays and Sundays for all shows starting at 11:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

After the planetarium movie (duration approx. 30 min.), birthday treats
In the science restaurant. Celebrants should also reserve time for independent exhibitions, other films of the day and programs either before or after the birthday program.


Planetarium birthdays cost €28/child (at least 6 children). One adult can enter Heureka free of charge for every ten children starting.

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  • General

    Suitable for children aged 6–12

    Available in Finnish, English, Swedish.

    You can specify the number of participants by 12 noon on the weekday before the party at info@heureka.fi.

    Last-minute changes must be announced when coming to the ticket office and the Science Restaurant.

  • Birthday treats

    The birthday package includes a table decorated with streamers and balloons reserved for the birthday guests, along with an ice cream ball cake and juice. The meals are served in the Science Restaurant right after the program part.

    You can also order additional treats
    you can also order other delicacies for the birthday table in advance, such as Slush, hotdogs, donuts or, for example, marshmallows. It is not possible to bring your own treats (e.g. cake).

    Orders for additional treats are paid to Tiederavintola and birthday packages to Heureka's ticket office.

    Note In matters concerning allergies and possible additional offerings, please contact Tiederavintola directly, phone (09) 8579399 or e-mail ravintola@heureka.fi. We ask that you notify us of special diets by email three business days before the event.

    See the additional selection of birthday treats
  • Reservations

    In order to ensure a reservation at a convenient time, we recommend booking the birthday package well in advance.

    Birthdays are paid upon arrival at the ticket office, additional orders for catering are paid separately to Tiederavintola.

    The reservation can be canceled free of charge no later than two weeks in advance. For later cancellations, we charge 50% of the total price.

    On birthdays, a parent or an adult in the group is responsible for supervising the group.
    You can choose the most suitable time yourself from our booking calendar. When the reservation is made, a reservation confirmation is sent by e-mail.

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