Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre

Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa's Tikkurila is a versatile experience complex that offers interactive exhibitions, planetarium films, science programs and events throughout the year. Heureka shares the joy of discovery with an average of around 300,000 visitors each year and is one of the most popular leisure centers in Finland

The joy of discovery!

Everyone falls in love with science.


We base it on researched information

  • We are reliable, open and promote knowledge of science.

We inspire everyone to be curious

  • We increase society's scientific capital by making science easily accessible. We offer meaningful
    and memorable experiences.

We act responsibly

  • Ecological, social and financial sustainability guide all our activities.

We learn and succeed together

  • We encourage creativity and innovation. We build cooperation while respecting diversity.

The history of Heureka

Science Center Heureka's roots go back to the University of Helsinki and to scientists who got to know science centers around the world. The initiators were docents Tapio Markkanen, Hannu I. Miettinen and Heikki Oja. The initial impetus was the Physics 82 exhibition held on May 20-26, 1982 at the Säätytalo in Helsinki. In the autumn of the same year, a science center project was established, which was initially supported by the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Education and some foundations.

The Science Center Foundation was born from the project at the turn of 1983–1984. The foundation's original founding members were the University of Helsinki, the University of Technology, the Scientific Societies delegation and the Finnish Confederation of Industry.

Vantaa offered to be the science center's host city and partial payer in 1984 and assigned the science center a site on a plot south of Tikkurila. In the architectural competition held in 1985, the first two prizes were awarded, of which Mikko Heikkinen, Markku Komonen and Lauri Anttila's proposal "Heureka" was chosen to be implemented. This is also how the science center got its name.

Before the Heureka building was completed, some science-themed exhibitions were produced in other places as an experiment. The content plan of the Science Center Heureka was completed in 1986. The cornerstone of the building was laid in October 1987 and the building was completed a year later. The total area of ​​the building was approx. 8,200 m², of which approx. 2,500 m² is exhibition space. The Heureka Science Center was opened to the public on April 28, 1989.

Science Center Foundation sr

Tiedekeskus Heureka is a financial non-profit public benefit organization, whose activities are managed by Tiedekeskussaätiö sr. The Science Center Foundation forms a group that, in addition to the parent foundation, includes two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd Oy, which handles export operations, and Tiedekauppa Magneetti Oy, which has stores operating under the name Heureka Shop in Heureka and Kamppi shopping center.

The 10 background communities of the Science Center Foundation actively participate in Heureka's operations, supporting and developing it. The foundation's highest decision-making body is the board, whose members are chosen by the delegation. Daily operations are managed by Heureka's CEO, assisted by the management team and other Heureka staff.

  • Tiedekeskussaätiö's background companies

    • Aalto university
    • The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry EK
    • University of Helsinki
    • OAJ, the professional association of the teaching sector
    • Ministry of Education and Culture
    • SAK, the central organization of Finnish trade unions
    • A delegation of scientists
    • Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    • Ministry of Finance
    • City of Vantaa

  • Board of the Science Center Foundation 2024-2025

    Aalto university:

    Vesa Välimäki

    Confederation of Business:

    Susanna Blomqvist

    University of Helsinki:

    Samuli Siltanen (vice president)

    A delegation of scientific societies:

    Lea Ryynänen-Karjalainen
    Emilia Palonen

    City of Vantaa:

    Markku Kuula (chairman)
    Päivi Laakkonen
    Anniina Pylsy
    Timo Valtonen

    Science center foundation sr:
    Mikko Myllykoski, CEO
    Ari Kurenmaa, Executive Vice President
    Heli Ainoa, Director of Communications and Services
    Vesa Lepistö, experience director

  • The delegation of the Science Center Foundation 2022-2025

    Aalto university:
    Pirjo Kääriäinen
    Kirsi Peltonen

    Confederation of Business:
    Jenni Taipalkoski
    Yrjö Neuvo
    Mikko Vieltojärvi

    University of Helsinki:
    Kaarle Hämeri (chairman)
    Tuuli Toivonen

    Education Professional Association OAJ ry:

    Antti Karetie
    Pasi Pesonen

    Central Association of Finnish Trade Unions SAK:

    Juha Antila
    Ari-Matti Näätänen

    A delegation of scientific societies:

    Markku Leskelä
    Panu Nykänen

    Ministry of Employment and the Economy:

    Lasse Laitinen


    Tuomas Laiho

    City of Vantaa:

    Otto Aalto
    Hussein al-Taee
    Jarkko Haanpää
    Sade Heikinheimo
    Minna Heikkinen
    Eve Helén
    Vesa Kupila
    Miia Lindell
    Pasi Liukkonen
    Pirkko Niemi
    Varpu Peltonen
    Ellen Pessi Mika Rautio
    Ann Christine Teir