Tevella and Heureka

STEAM-learning in a diverse environment

Tevella and Heureka, STEAM-learning in a diverse environment

Tevella is a Finnish family company that equips and furnishes learning environments for early childhood education and schools. Tevella materially supports the activities of The Idea Workshop, which focuses on construction and problem solving, where both children and adults can come up with ideas and build solutions to various challenges. Cooperation with Heureka is based on continuous learning and supporting children's development. The Idea Workshop activities feed creativity, develop cooperation and problem-solving skills, and promote knowledge of different materials and manual skills.

"Tevella wants to be involved in a collaboration that enables learning and development together. In partnership, Heureka works as an inspiring environment that offers a practical and interactive way to learn science and combines pedagogy with it in an innovative way. This way, children and young people have the opportunity to experience science experientially, which strengthens their interest in learning and to science," says Tevella's purchasing and marketing director Tommi Ollikainen.

Tevella and Heureka want to arouse visitors' curiosity and the joy of learning!