Robotics weeks 16.–27.9.2024

Let's learn about robotics and programming in an exciting way by doing it ourselves!
During the theme weeks, we offer practical activities for preschool, elementary school and secondary school groups. You can book an activity just for your own group by prior reservation or participate activities on a nonstop basis.
Take control of the programming and book your visit among the first!
  • Talking head

    Let's build a robot from recycled materials, and program it to chat nicely. The workshop is suitable for grades 3–9.

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  • Smart traffic

    We are programming a car that can operate independently in the city's various traffic situations.
    The workshop is suitable for grades 7–9 and second grade.

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  • Automatic cars

    The programmable robot car races along a winding track. Programming based on the block editor is suitable for grades 3–6.

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  • Color laboratory

    Preschool and primary school children get to know laboratory work and chemistry with the right tools, using colors.

    Learn more about the laboratory program
  • Hehkulamppu

    Convenient connections

    How does the lamp lights up? In this program, you get to know the concept of a circuit and a switch in a fun and illustrative way. The LittleBits building kit is used in the workshop.

  • A moving skeleton

    Let's learn about electricity, automation and robotics by controlling the robot skeleton of a dinosaur with alternative electrical signals.

  • Pepper-robotti

    Pepper the robot

    A talkative robot welcomes you in the Heureka lobby on Monday and Friday from 10 to 11 and from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 to 10.
    What would you like to ask Pepper?

  • Robotics Learning Center

    Check out the digital bags for early childhood education groups, which can be borrowed from the Tikkurila library. The bag contains e.g. playful robotics such as beebots. Presentation point open 17.–18.9. from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  • Robotics and science education association & First Lego League

    Exciting non-stop activities in a Lego-inspired company. Come and try your skills in the areas of both construction and programming.