Let's get the wheel of misfortune rolling

Heureka's Wheel of Misfortune

Welcome to Heureka's laboratory, a quiet place of creative destruction. This program series focuses on destroying things in the name of science.

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Startling science tricks

Heureka moments

Fun Heureka moments remind of playful experimentation and the joy of insight.

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Tasks related to astronomy and space

ESERO Finland

ESERO Finland – European Space Education Resource Office offers e.g. learning materials and events related to astronomy and space.

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Practice science tricks

Try it at home

See instructions for fun science tricks, and learn and understand the science behind the tricks.

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Heureka's playful tests

Are you a reliable eyewitness?

Eyewitness Test

Countless people are sentenced to prison every year based on eyewitness testimony. There are also significant differences in the perception of different people.

Test your eyewitness skills

Test your ear's abilities

Tone ear test

Absolute pitch is a rare ability that only about one in ten thousand people have. And what is relative pitch?

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Are you a master interrogator?

Sperm exposure test

People are different and lie in different ways. Therefore, there are no unequivocal signs that would invariably reveal a liar.

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Test your intelligence with the self-assessment method

Multiple intelligence test

Do you think traditional intelligence tests are one-sided and unfair? So do we. Don't worry, now you can try a completely different kind of test.

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