What is volunteering in Heureka?

Volunteering is an activity for a cause that is perceived as important!

The task of Heureka's volunteers is to inspire, help and advise visitors to the science center. This can mean, for example, the backgrounds of the exhibition objects
telling, guiding their use or answering inquiries.

Heureka volunteers are guides to the wonders of science and technology.

Who can become a volunteer in Heureka?

We are looking for customer service-oriented, self-initiative and cooperative people. Anyone over the age of 18 can act as a volunteer, regardless of work and educational background.

We hope that the volunteers are interested in science or technology, and want to share their experience and knowledge with others. Volunteers work six-hour shifts on days of their choosing. We hope that our volunteers could do a couple of shifts a month on average. Volunteers are trained for the task.

Why become a volunteer?

You can offer your valuable help to Heureka, whose mission is to arouse interest in science and research. Volunteers are an important part of Heureka's work community.

Volunteers work at Heurekan
in the inspiration unit. Their closest colleagues are the inspirers and the customer service staff. Many staff benefits also apply to volunteers. Volunteers can also take part in various familiarization trips and training sessions, where they learn new and interesting things.

Take contact

The main inspiration is Pia Mäkelä
040 9015 224

If you are interested, contact Pia by email and arrange an interview.

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