Electric chain reaction

Please note: Due to the current coronavirus situation, Electric chain reaction is not available for the time being. 

In the programme, the entire group works together to produce a chain reaction using an electric circuit. The focus is not on the result but on the process. The students practice an innovation process, and are encouraged to create solutions in small groups. During the process, the students can develop their cooperation skills, share their ideas and further develop their own ideas and others’ ideas. In the end, the students have a chance to verbalise their solutions and to reflect on the process.

The electric chain reaction programme provides the best support for teaching at school when the students review the concepts of an electric circuit and a switch before participating in the workshop. The students can record the different stages of the workshop process and use these recordings when processing the workshop at school.

Target group: Grades 3–9, vocational school.
Duration: 60 min
Links with the curriculum: The electric chain reaction programme corresponds with some of the objectives for environmental studies in grades 3 to 6 and the objective L1 of extensive learning set out in the national curriculum.