Book an engaging company activity as a program for a work well-being or recreation day. Heureka's business programs are also perfectly suited to start the day of the meeting, to lighten it up or to end it quickly.

Exhibition guidance

With the details and examples heard in the exhibition guide, you can delve deeper into the exhibition and thus get more out of the exhibitions.

Group size: Maximum 20 people.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Guide languages: Finnish, Swedish, English.

Price: €150 (incl. VAT). In addition to the program, exhibition tickets are charged.

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Exhibition print

In the exhibition sprint, the groups, guided by the Heureka inspirer, perform fun tasks placed in different parts of the exhibition, where teamwork, speed and courage are put to the test. Aimed at adult groups.

Number of participants: Maximum 60 people.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Price: €300/10–40 people (incl. VAT) and €600/40–60 people (incl. VAT). In addition to the program, exhibition tickets are charged.

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Yritysohjelmaa Heurekan ulkopuolelle: Pop-up Heureka

Pop-up Heureka is a science show in Heureka with demonstrations, experiments and interaction.

Number of participants: Maximum 100 people (depending on the venue in Heureka).

Duration: approx. 20 min.

Price: €300 (incl. VAT). In addition, exhibition tickets will be charged if the program is in the exhibition area. The program can also be organized in the conference space Alfa, Beta & Gamma, in which case exhibition tickets are not charged.

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Science & Dinner

Spend exciting parties in Heureka with your own group. The package fits well e.g. for company parties, kick-offs and Christmas parties.

The Science & Dinner package includes a private event at the Heureka exhibitions and the delicious menu of the Science Restaurant.

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