• Visiting hours

    Mondays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m
    Tuesdays 10–17
    Wednesdays 10–17
    Thursdays from 10 am to 8 pm
    Fridays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m
    Saturdays 10–18
    on Sundays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

    During the school year, we open for school and early childhood education groups on Monday and Friday at 10 a.m., by appointment Tuesday–Thursday at 9 a.m.

  • Prices

    Exhibition ticket €7.50/student

    Independent introduction to all open exhibitions.

    Exhibitions and one school program €9.00/pupil

    getting to know all open exhibitions and participating
    to a guided school program suitable for one age group.

    Exhibitions and one planetarium film €9.00/pupil

    Independent introduction to all open exhibitions and seats to one planetarium film of your choice.

    Exhibitions and one planetarium film and one school program €10.50/pupil

    getting to know all open exhibitions, participating
    to a guided school program suitable for one age group
    and one planetarium film of your choice.

    In connection with school visits, teachers, school assistants and personal assistants are free of charge.

    When the group arrives by bus, the driver is also provided free of charge.

    Other adult supervisors accompanying the school groups pay the price of the school ticket.

    Students of universities and colleges pay the price of a student ticket.

  • Payment, payment methods and dining

    School prices
    require advance reservation and co-payment. School prices are
    valid for Finnish kindergartens, elementary schools and secondary schools
    for groups of educational institutions when the visit is carried out by the teacher

    If the students pay for their visit themselves, you collect the money for the teacher in advance, the teacher pays for everyone's admission at once.

    If students in a school group pay for tickets individually, the price of a student ticket will be charged instead of a school ticket.

    You can pay for your visit by cash, debit or credit card or
    with the invoice sent after the visit. The billing surcharge is 8 euros.

    A possible lunch or other meals can be booked directly at Tiederavintola . Meals are paid to the restaurant.

  • Welcome to the teachers' evening on 21.3.

    & Espoo theater presents: BIASED 2.0. Let's get to know the twists and turns of the mind and surprising activities. The show can also be ordered for schools.

    Book your place on 14.3. by
  • Voimala-koulutus 16.5.

    Voimala on sähkön ja energian oppimispaketti,
 jonka avulla tutustutaan
    uusiutuvan energian tuotantoon, varastointiin ja käyttöön.

    Ilmoittaudu koulutukseen 10.5. mennessä
  • Check out the spring 2024 academic year brochure

    Exhibitions, films and guided programs are presented in the school year brochure for early childhood education and school groups. Booking instructions, prices and opening hours are also included. Here is everything you need to support the planning of a successful Heureka day!

    Download the academic year brochure

Tips for planning your visit

At best, a visit to Heureka inspires students to learn all kinds of things! Make the most of your visit by preparing for it together in advance and continue the learning experience even after your visit to the school.

See tips for a successful visit

Reservations for school groups

The earlier the better!
Make a reservation for your group at least a week before the visit, and you are entitled to group tickets at school prices. Reservations are made directly in the electronic reservation system

Book a visit

Learning continues at school

Learning materials

The exhibitions are accompanied by tasks that expand on their themes, workshop instructions and mobile games and guides, which can be used either before visiting Heureka, during the visit or afterwards at school. Also take a look at the Finnish-language materials produced by ESERO Finland to support space themes.

Get to know the study materials
  • Color laboratory

    The program introduces elementary school students to laboratory work with the right equipment, chemistry, various substances and their properties using colors.

    Get to know the Color Laboratory program
  • Joy from the air

    In the science theater performance, we dive down to minus 196 degrees and do e.g. clouds. In the show, air gases are presented in fast-paced experiments.

    Check out the Iloa ilmasta science theater show
  • Kohdeyhteistyö

    Solar system

    The show "Science on a ball" led by an inspiration transports you to a fascinating place
    on a journey to the planets of our solar system.
    The program is suitable for eskars.

    Check out the Aurinkokunta show