Artificial intelligence and art: threat or wealth?

Round table in Heureka on Thursday 30 May 2024 at 17:00

The French Institute of Finland will organize
a round table on the use of artificial intelligence in art. The event will take place in English at the Heureka Science Centre on May 30 at 5 pm.

The relationship between AI and art will be explored from scientific, artistic, legal, and societal perspectives.

Discussion topics

The round table will discuss artistic, scientific, social and legal perspectives on the use of artificial intelligence in artistic creation:

Artistic: how to create a work with artificial intelligence? What is the role of man and machine in this creation? Can we make a living creating works with artificial intelligence?

Scientific: what is artificial intelligence in the end? From a scientific point of view, is artificial intelligence independent of humans? How far can we go?

Social: should we fear artificial intelligence; can artificial intelligence create emotions; can artificial intelligence one day replace humans?

Legal: Artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights: how are works created by artificial intelligence regulated? Who owns the works, given that AI will make use of existing works? What is the current state of the legislation? Is technological development faster than regulation?

Welcome aboard!

The round table will take place in Heureka's auditorium and admission is free. Places are reserved in advance free of charge. The event is in English.
The duration of the event is about 1.5 hours.

Welcome to visit Heureka's artificial intelligence-themed Me, Myself & AI exhibition and other fun activities before or after the discussion.
Tickets for exhibitions on Thursday from 3 pm only 10 € per person. Teachers can visit the exhibitions free of charge by showing their OAJ membership card at the ticket office.

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  • Hannu Töyrylä

    Visual  and media artist, researcher specialized in the use of AI as an artistic tool.

  • Hannu Toivonen

    Professor at the University of Helsinki, expert in the fields of data mining, computational creativity, and artificial intelligence.

  • Marion Carré and Valentin Schmite

    Authors of the book "Propos sur l'art et l'Intelligence artificielle" that explores the creativity of machines.

  • Teemu Mäki

    Artist, director, writer, researcher, Doctor of Fine Arts and president of the Finnish Artists' Association and IAA Europe.

  • Emma Miquel

    Lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights.