The Intestine Hisses exhibition illustrates the amazing functioning of the human body

The Intestine Hisses exhibition presents the structure and function of a healthy digestive tract in a fun and visual way, and tells how the body obtains the building materials and fuel it needs from food. The exhibition has been planned in cooperation with Duodecim, the Finnish Medical Association, in honor of the 130th anniversary of the Finnish Medical Association.

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Some of the topics in the exhibition, such as intestinal bacteria, are currently the subject of several studies. The latest research information has been used in the planning of the exhibition and the exhibition content is updated with new research results.

The exhibition consists of several separate objects. In addition to the life vests that can be put on, the visitor can e.g. learn about the breakdown of nutrients in a fast-paced game where nutrients are broken down by throwing enzyme balls. You can test your knowledge about digestion in a quiz and marvel at the functional surface area of ​​the small intestine - and farts haven't been forgotten either.

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