Mother's Day lunch at Heureka 12.5.

Welcome to spend Mother's Day with science and good food!

Mother's Day lunch arrangements are organized in Tiederavintola
from 11.00 to 12.30, from 13.00 to 14.30 and from 15.00 to 16.30.

Families who have booked the Mother's Day lunch are offered Heureka tickets at half price. You can redeem the discount at Heureka's ticket sales on May 12th by showing your receipt from the Mother's Day lunch at the Science Restaurant.

Price: €39.50

8-14 year olds: €23.60
4-7 year olds: €10.70
under 3 years old: €2

  • Appetizers

    Green salad, pickled vegetables and orange vinaigrette (VE,G)

    Grandma's cucumber and pesto tomatoes (VE,G)

    Pickled jalapeno coleslaw salad (VE,G)

    Marinated salad cheese and
    sun-dried tomato (G,VL)

    Early potato salad, roasted seeds and horseradish mustard sauce (G,L)

    Caesar salad (L,G) and bread croutons (VE)

  • Warm foods

    Lemon baked salmon and dill (M,G)

    Chicken and spinach au gratin with goat cheese (VL,G)

    Red wine beef stew and asparagus (VE)

    Roasted seasonal vegetables and potatoes (VE,G)

    In addition:
    Meatballs (M,G),
    chicken nugget (M), naki (M,G),
    vege nuggets (VE) and french fries (VE,G)

  • Desserts

    White chocolate mousse and raspberry melba (VL,G)

    Selection of delicacies

    Rhubarb Pie (M)