Useful information before the visit of the school and early childhood education group

See below for more information regarding making a reservation, arrival, luggage storage and dining options.


Make a reservation for the group at least one week before the visit.

Please note that it can be difficult to change the time of your visit during high season. School prices require advance booking.

The sales service processes reservations for school and early childhood education groups in order of arrival. When the reservation has been processed, you will receive a written confirmation to your e-mail. The confirmation shows the reservation number, reserved services and their prices, instructions for the visit, and a link to pre- and post-tasks.

Changing or canceling a reservation. If you want to make changes to the reservation or cancel it, do it at the latest one week before the visit to the email address mentioned in the confirmation.

Book a visit in advance

Teacher visits

For teachers with a valid teacher association membership card or other certificate, a Heureka ticket for €9. The discount is also granted during the summer vacation months. Tickets for any accompanying family members are at normal prices.

A teacher who has pre-booked his group = free planning visit

Welcome to plan your visit in advance! When the teacher has a valid reservation in our system, he is welcome to prepare his group's visit to Heureka free of charge before the visit. If he wishes, he can also watch the planetarium movie he has reserved for his group in advance, if there is room in the screenings of that movie at the time of the visit. It is not necessary to notify Heureka in advance of the start, only the reservation number of a valid reservation, which is presented at the ticket office upon arrival, must be included.

Teacher events

During the school year, we organize events aimed at teachers, where early childhood education programs and school programs, materials related to programs and exhibitions are presented, and current exhibitions and planetarium films are introduced. The events are free for pre-registered teachers.

Preparing for the visit

A successful Heureka visit that supports learning requires preparation in advance together with students or children. To ensure deeper learning, it is worth returning to the moments and phenomena experienced during the visit even after the trip.
Preparing for the visit should at least include:

• the schedule of the visit
• common rules for the visit
• viewing pictures from Heureka's exhibitions and
• a short presentation of what will be done at Heureka.

You can find more ideas for preparation and planning learning units in the study materials.

Get to know the study materials