What should you consider during your visit to Heureka?

Read more about learning materials that support Heureka's content, the teacher's role during the visit, Dining and storage of goods, and ticket sales.

Educational materials related to exhibitions

Related to the themes of the exhibitions
learning materials that structure the exhibition visit and expand the themes of the exhibitions. The learning materials include assignments,
which are suitable to be implemented either during the Heureka visit or in advance
and as homework at school. Some of the material is suitable to be implemented completely without a visit to Heureka.

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The role of the teacher

Please support your students' visit to Heureka and be accessible to them in the exhibition area as well.

Pupils or early childhood education children are always primarily responsible for their accompanying adults during the visit. In addition, Heureka's employees will help you both at exhibitions and at the customer service point.

Please note that there are exhibits at Heureka that have restrictions on their use, such as a height limit, and the safe use of which requires careful reading of the instructions. We recommend exploring these destinations together with an adult.

Guided programs and planetarium films

School programs

The programs can be booked as part of the visit on April 30. until. During the visits in May, guided activity points can be explored non-stop without reservation for your own group. Exhibition tickets and places for planetarium movies are normally booked in advance all year round.

School programs include all programs led by Heureka's inspirer in a laboratory, workshop, exhibition area, science theater or planetarium. We do not organize guided exhibition tours for school or early childhood education groups, but we recommend getting to know Heureka's interactive exhibitions on your own. In connection with the school visit, you can book one program suitable for the age group.

The program is booked at least one week before the visit. The teacher always has supervision responsibility for his group, also during the programs. If the group is small, you can join the same program
also reserve places for another group of the same age level. The teacher makes sure that the group is there about 5 minutes before the start of the program. Please note this especially when a program has been reserved for the group right at the beginning of the visit.

Get to know the school programs

Planetarium movies

School and early childhood education visit
you can book tickets for the planetarium movie in advance. Please note in connection with the visit of the early childhood education groups that the age limit for planetarium movies is 5 years.

Check out the planetarium movies

Instructions for a successful exhibition visit

Set aside at least two hours to explore Heureka's exhibitions. If, in addition to exhibition tickets, you have booked a school program or planetarium movie for the group, you should reserve a total of 3-5 hours for the visit.

At Heureka's exhibitions, there are inspirers helping with the use of the exhibition sites and supporting a successful visit. Inspirers can be recognized by their work jackets.

We recommend that younger students and early childhood education children move around the exhibitions either accompanied by an adult in small groups, or explore the objects on their own in one exhibition area at a time. In this way, the adult can support the use of the objects and is accessible to the children.

Older students can explore the exhibitions on their own. Even then, the adults accompanying the group must be accessible to the students in the exhibition area.

According to research, a visit to an exhibition that supports learning includes getting to know the theme of the exhibition in advance and returning to the topic after the visit. Familiarizing yourself with the exhibition in advance is especially important for children and young people who are not used to using museums and science centers.

Instructions for a successful school program visit

With pupils and early childhood education children, it is important to get to know in advance what subject area will be covered in the reserved school program and what kind of
it's about the program. Visiting a school program that supports learning includes doing pre- and post-tasks at school. As a general rule, adults are allowed to take pictures in our programs, so that we can go back to the contents of the program together afterwards or show the pictures to the children's families. You can find descriptions of school programs here and study materials here.

Our programs aim to create a mentally and physically safe space for children and young people, which is a prerequisite for learning and enthusiasm. Mentally
we aim for a safe space using the principles of a safer space . The following rules affect the physically secure space. In our school programs, students must keep their shoes on, and in our laboratory programs, students wear white lab coats. Eating and drinking in the laboratory is prohibited.

  • Clothes and backpack storage

    Outerwear and backpacks can either be left in the hall's coat racks or lockers. Shoes must be worn in school programs and some exhibition sites.

    Heureka is not responsible for property left in lockers or lockers. Please pay particular attention to the order in which the lockers are filled during spring class trips.

  • Dining and eating snacks

    Meals for a visit by a school or early childhood education group can be booked in advance in connection with exhibition tickets and possible programs, or directly from the restaurant: ravintola@heureka.fi or by phone 09 857 9399.

    You can also pre-order Take Away Science Snack bags from the restaurant.

    School groups can eat their own snacks at snack places. The snack bars are located
    in the lobby and on the second floor, where there is also a water point, refrigerator and toilets. Please note that snacks can be sandwiches, rolls, etc., but not hot food. Eating your own snacks is not allowed in the exhibition area

  • Dealing in ticket sales

    pays for the entire group's visit at once and distributes entrance stickers to the students.
    If students pay for their tickets separately, the normal price of a child's ticket will be charged instead of the school price. The visit can be paid for in cash, with a bank or credit card, or with an invoice sent after the visit. Billing supplement
    is 8 euros.

    Invoicing always takes place according to the actual number of visitors, excluding special packages that can be reserved in advance

Heureka Shop

During the Heureka visit, students can also visit Heureka
In the shop, the selection includes various puzzle games, space-themed products and gift items. We recommend that you agree with the students in advance when they can shop at the Heureka Shop and where the purchased goods will be stored during the Heureka visit. This supports students' concentration during exhibitions and school programs.

See the selection of Heureka Shop