Electrical chain reaction

In this program, the circuit is used to implement a common chain reaction of the entire group. The goal of the program is not the end result but the process. Students practice the innovation process and are supported to come up with solutions in small groups. During the process, students have the opportunity to develop their cooperation skills and to share and further develop their own and others' ideas. At the end, students get the opportunity to verbalize their own solutions and reflect on what they have done.

The electronic chain reaction best supports school teaching if the concepts of the circuit and the switch are reviewed with the students before participating in the workshop. Students can record the different stages of the workshop process and use the recordings in the school for further processing of the workshop.

For whom: 3.–9. lk, vocational training

Duration: 60 min

Group size: max 16

Connections to the curriculum: The electronic chain reaction corresponds to part of the objectives of the environmental studies subject of the curriculum in grades 3–6. - graders and for the goal of wide-ranging competence L1.