• H18 evenings

    The H18 evenings, which have gained great popularity, are evening events organized by Heureka aimed at adults. In the H18 events, the focus is on science, new experiences and a relaxed evening out. The changing themes offer a versatile program every time, such as workshops, expert presentations
    and current science content.

    The entire science center will be opened for the evening as a serving area, except for the planetarium and the auditorium. So you can enjoy the program while enjoying your favorite refreshments! All Heureka exhibitions are open during the event

  • The H18 concept

    All events aimed at adults are brought together under the H18 concept. You can recognize events from the rest of Heureka's program by their appearance and the H18 ID. H18 events are normally organized about three times a year, and as the name suggests, they are only intended for over
    for 18-year-olds.

    In Heureka, adults have had, among other things, a bis event, a dinosaur night and Halloween. Lectures on both the zombie apocalypse and artificial intelligence have also been included. In the workshops, for example, artificial blood has been made, hops have been examined under a microscope, and electronic devices have been built
    musical instruments. At H18 events, adults always get to try something
    brand new.

  • Take contact

    When you leave the H18 event, you will be smarter and more inspired.

    Questions and feedback related to the events: events@heureka.fi