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Heureka is involved in an international project funded by Erasmus+, which produces material for distance learning both for schools and lifelong learning goals by combining chemistry, physics and mathematics with visual arts. The 101 learning content for middle schools answer to the experiences of European teachers about what facilitates the teaching and understanding of mathematical subjects.

For example, the concept of the golden ratio familiar from mathematics can also be found in music, dance gives good insights into physics, and through paintings you can understand molecular level questions and chemical reactions. The classics of visual art will become familiar in the learning materials, but your own creativity will also have its place. For example, storytelling makes it easier to understand when the topic is, for example, laboratory safety.

The materials are suitable for activating especially 12-14 year olds both in the classroom and in distance learning. The learning materials are also available for other age groups. Together with Heureka, the Slovenian companies ic Geoss, Narodna galerija and Osnovna Sola and the Cypriot company Innovade are implementing the project.

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101 learning material for middle school

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  • What OTA project?

    Project: Erasmus+ program, key action 2: cooperation promoting innovation and exchange of good practices

    Project duration: Two years (April 1, 2021–March 31, 2023)

    Project name: Online Teaching Advancement – ​​Science through Art

    Project abbreviation: OTA

    Website: https://ota-project.eu/ (also in Finnish)

    Facebook page: Online Teaching Advancement

    More information: paula.havaste@heureka.fi


    Learning Center Geoss Ltd (Slovenia)
    National Gallery of Slovenia (Slovenia)
    Primary school of Litija primary school (Slovenia)
    Consulting company INNOVADE LI Ltd (Cyprus)
    Science Foundation/Heureka (Finland)
    Research and initiative center CESIE (Italy)

  • Strength for online study

    The goal of the OTA project is to introduce an innovative
    teaching method for the subjects of mathematics, chemistry and physics.
    The project also aims to respond to those caused by the corona pandemic
    to the challenges of teaching and learning.

    After the corona pandemic broke out, thousands of students and teachers had to
    to switch to distance learning at short notice. The situation came
    as a surprise to all the training organizers who had to adapt
    to the new situation and look for quick solutions to the changes

    In addition to the realization of the learning goals, the teachers had to take care
    of the students' social well-being and preventing exclusion
    in a situation where social happenings in the school environment and on trips
    interaction could no longer be arranged.

    The main goal of the project is to develop new learning situations and support
    teaching in a way that promotes confidence building and
    personal growth also in distance education. The goal is also
    prevent the isolation and marginalization of children in situations where
    children have to spend longer periods apart from their peers and
    of his friends.

  • Bridges between science and art

    In the OTA project, the challenges of online teaching of mathematical subjects
    aims to answer with the help of art. The goal is to produce positive ones
    learning experiences and improve learning outcomes. The project is different
    by utilizing art forms and forms of expression, new ones are created
    methods of online learning that can be used to achieve both
    curriculum goals and that reduces isolation

    The partners of the OTA project want to convey the basic and the secondary
    science subject teachers use skills and knowledge that
    can be used to create new types of stimulating learning environments and
    positive learning experiences in learning mathematical subjects as well
    to promote the value of science and art.

    The project's partners offer an educational community for stakeholders
    the materials needed to organize the teaching and the opportunity
    exchange experiences, best practices and network.

    In addition, the goal of the OTA project is to influence each project partner
    to domestic decision-makers, so that they would provide guidelines and
    to support effective online teaching of mathematical subjects
    to enable.

  • Project outputs

    Output indicator (OI) 1 Report on the learning needs of the target group

    Let's examine the challenges related to online teaching of mathematical subjects
    and action models are drawn up, which are used to awaken the students
    interest and are encouraged to explore and learn.

    OI2 OTA teaching method

    A new teaching method is being developed, where art is utilized in the online teaching of mathematical subjects.

    OI3 OTA teaching toolkit

    A teaching toolkit and training program will be developed that support
    mathematical subjects that utilize visual and other art forms

    The MOOC online platform of the OI4 OTA project for operators in the education sector

    A MOOC online platform is being developed, the purpose of which is to support teachers
    in organizing online lessons and bring to teaching and learning
    new perspectives.

More information

In Heureka, the theme producer is responsible for the project
Pala Havaste