Partnership story: Artificial intelligence and robotics x CSC

CSC – Science Information Technology Center is a Finnish information technology competence center owned by the state and universities. We operate LUMI, the world's third fastest European supercomputer, located in our data center in Kajaani, which also serves as an advanced artificial intelligence platform. In addition, the national supercomputers Mahti, Puhti and Allas are also located in Kajaani.

"We are involved in Heureka's Artificial Intelligence and Robotics effectiveness program and in the Me, myself & AI exhibition. We want to make ordinary people aware of the possibilities of artificial intelligence and tell what can be done with it. Artificial intelligence already makes our everyday lives easier, but it can also limit and distort what we get. information.That's why we also encourage critical thinking.

Cooperation and event planning with Heureka has gone smoothly. In addition to the exhibition itself, we have also participated in Heureka's family day and the H-18 evening.

Of course, participating in events requires some work time and thinking within the company, you have to create enough interesting things to present to the target groups of Heureka's events. For example, regarding Heureka's H-18 Ystävänani-tekoääli evening, we first thought about what might be of interest to the event audience. After that, we discussed with the Heureka representative whether our ideas would be suitable for this event and what the other participating companies have come up with. Fortunately, we at CSC already had a "test your knowledge of supercomputers" mobile game developed for our customers, which nicely challenged the visitors to the exhibition with their supercomputer knowledge. We also created dazzling art with the help of artificial intelligence. In addition, we developed a punch line bot for this friendship-themed event: a punch line for every situation ;-)!

The work put into event planning becomes concrete in the event itself, when we meet Heureka's customer base. The customer base is enthusiastic, curious, positive, enthusiastic and the feedback is immediate. These are really feel-good events! Our own experience is positive and we can recommend Heureka's events to other companies as well. Go wild, dare to be a little crazy too."

Riikka Aittasalo , customer marketing manager, CSC

"We have experienced Heureka's events as very interesting work. The public looks at artificial intelligence issues mainly from outside our accustomed bubble, but nevertheless with great interest and enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure to present our work at the events."

Aleksi Kallio , development manager, AI and Data Analytics, CSC