Partnership story: Heureka x Elgood/Partco

Elgood and Partco
Elgood has been a partner of Heureka since 2019. Elgood's online store and store Partco has supplied electronic components, electrotechnical devices and accessories for both industry and educational use, so a partnership with science center Heureka is natural for us.

In Heureka, Elgood's partnership can be seen especially in the functions of Ideaversta and Makerspace, where products represented by Elgood are used. The partnership provides Heureka's science camps, science clubs and events with tools and equipment, with which we produce current, unique and high-quality workshops in cooperation with Heureka's professional program developer.

In addition to visibility, the partnership gives us valuable user experience and feedback, as well as development suggestions for our product range. For Heurekka, the partnership offers flexibility and additional opportunities for various new experiments and ideas.

In collaboration, a robotic skeleton was completed for the Children's Medicine Day, in which sensors acquired from Partco were combined with an anatomical plastic skeleton in such a way that the subject could recognize movement, touch and skin temperature. In another special project, we implemented a Halloween-themed haunted house, where electronics were integrated into the dollhouse. As the most recent joint implementation, we produced a robot arm utilizing an artificial intelligence model that can sort objects according to the teaching material.

The nature of the working partnership between Heureka and Elgood can best be described as careful joint craftsmanship, where the traces of the work are visible exactly as they should be.