Partnership story: The power of play x PPG Tikkurila

PPG Tikkurila

At the end of 2022 , PPG Tikkurila signed a three-year cooperation agreement with science center Heureka to support teaching in technical science fields. The grant will finance Heureka's new Power of Play exhibition and support color workshops aimed at young people. Paints donated by PPG Tikkurila have been used to paint the objects in the Power of Play exhibition.

"Heureka and PPG Tikkurila have many things in common, which makes Heureka a natural partner for us. We want to be strongly involved in supporting the education of science subjects and maintaining interest in science, and Heureka offers an exciting way to learn about science in a practical and interactive environment. We have cooperated in many ways ever since 1989, when Heureka was founded in Tikkurila, our neighbor in Vantaa", says Meri Vainikka , CEO of PPG Tikkurila.

"We strive to raise the next generation of leaders in technical and scientific fields so that society can respond to common challenges quickly, creatively and efficiently. We encourage young people to apply for studies in technical fields and we support them in the various stages of their education," continues Vainikka.

PPG Tikkurila was born in 2021, when Tikkurila merged with PPG. However, our roots go back to 1862, when Tikkurila was founded. Our company, which originally started as a small oil press, grew over time into a leading Nordic company in the paint industry, which today is part of the global PPG. PPG serves customers in more than 70 countries.

PPG Tikkurila donated a total of 364 liters of paints and other products, such as Diccoplast Primer, Diccoplast 30, Dicco Color, Merit 30, Merit 80, Temadur 20 and Dicco Color, to the Power of Play exhibition.

The main message of the Power of Play exhibition is the importance of play and playfulness for all of us, regardless of age: play is the basis of a happy life. Play is universal, natural and necessary for a person's comprehensive development and well-being.

The goal of PPG's worldwide PPG Foundation is to color and brighten PPG communities around the world. In 2022, PPG supported hundreds of organizations in more than 35 countries with a total of 16.2 million dollars. By supporting education, we help grow future innovators and a skilled workforce.