Partnership story: Electronic partner STEK

Electronic partner, Stek.

The electrical engineering and energy efficiency promotion center STEK ry and Science Center Heureka have been cooperating for a long time. The goals of the collaboration are the same for both: to provide opportunities to get excited about science. Heureka does it by offering experiences, STEK by providing teaching materials to arouse interest in electricity and energy in schools and science clubs. With the support of STEK ry, mobile pop-up science show tours to schools and visits by numerous Uusimaa primary school children to Heureka are made possible. The Sähkölä exhibition has been implemented as part of a multi-year cooperation project between STEK ry and Heureka.

"Our cooperation is also closely related to STEK's goal of securing the availability of the entities represented by our member associations and the workforce in the electrical industry in the future. We believe that interest should be aroused at a very early stage of life, so that a young person could even think about the electricity and energy sector as a possible education and career choice. The fewer opportunities there are to be interested in, for example, technology, the higher the threshold to see it as a career choice," says communications expert Kirsi Gimishanov from STEK ry.

"The collaboration has been very fruitful, smooth and fun. Your inspirers also inspire your partners. Until now, our partnership has produced completely new forms from time to time, and we believe that we will find new opportunities in the future as well. We reach and want to reach especially teachers, and through them schoolchildren, children and young people. However, a young person's future educational path is influenced by many things, including parents. It's not a bad thing if they get a little excited about science too," continues Kirsi.