• Pop-up Heureka is an entertaining science show featuring demonstrations, experiments and interaction, Revealed Surprisingly from a traveling
    trunk right in the middle of the audience.

    Pop-up Heureka is an amusing science show constructed in a manner which makes it unique among science shows around the world. The traveling trunk contains a built-in stage, audio and video equipment, lights as well as a phenomenal and memorable Physics based science show
    that is presented by a guide.

    In cooperation with the Physics teacher education unit at the University of Helsinki, Heureka has created a show based on modern science teaching methods which are motivating and facilitate learning.

    Designed with content that addresses all ages, Pop-up Heureka promotes lifelong learning, encourages presenter and audience interaction and activates visitors to think about the phenomena presented in the show. A Pop-up Heureka show can be followed by hundreds of spectators at a time. There is no seating; the spectators gather around the stage.

    This construction enables you to replace the contents with new ones and share them with other Pop-up owners.

  • Technical Information:

    Content: A traveling trunk with a built-in stage,
    audio and video equipment, lights and Physics based science show
    manuscript. Training can be offered separately.

    Size: 307 cm width, 262 cm height, and 207 cm depth

    Travel trunk size: 200 cm x 156 cm x 82 cm; weight 325 kg

    Other requirements: Voltage 230 V