Party in Heureka with your own group

Science & Dinner

The Science & Dinner package includes a private event at Heureka's exhibitions (outside normal opening hours) and a delicious menu at the Science Restaurant (Science menu or Science menu with warm food).

The Science & Dinner package is best suited for evening parties of 50–200 people, kick-offs or Christmas parties!

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€84 - €99/person (incl. VAT)


You can choose Science menu or Science menu with warm food.


• Lettuce leaves, sprouts and citrus vinaigrette VE,G
• Carrot couscous salad, ginger marinated lentils and coriander cucumber VE,G
• Roman salad, mini mozzarella, avocado, basil marinated olives L,G
• Warm smoked salmon, marinated early potatoes and dill-cream vinaigrette sauce L,G
• Tomato-olive bruschetta and pickled red onion VE
• Orange marinated soybean-lentil salad, spring vegetables and green herb-pineapple sauce VE,G
• Country bread and cream cheese spread L


• Strawberry mousse, rhubarb compote and meringue L,G

€84 / person (incl. VAT)


You can choose between two options for hot food (including science menu):

• Lemon-basil seasoned country chicken fillet, tomato risotto and artichoke L,G
• Fried seasonal fresh fish, spring potatoes, root vegetables and white wine sauce L,G

• Strawberry mousse, rhubarb compote and meringue L,G
• Small farm cheeses, roasted nuts and cherries VL,G

€99 / person (incl. VAT)

Menus valid 1.1. from, winter 2024

  • Beverage services and special diets

    Drinks are arranged and charged separately.

    We take into account special diets announced in advance.

  • Includes all exhibitions

    All Heureka exhibitions are open during the Science & Dinner event (max. 4 hours).

    A private event can be arranged outside Heureka's normal opening hours.

  • Billing and cancellation conditions

    We invoice at least 50 people.

    We ask that you specify the number of participants two (2) weeks before the event and final changes and any special diets five (5) business days before the event.

    In this case, billing takes place according to the confirmed number of people or, if it exceeds the stated number, depending on the actual number. Billing supplement €8.

    The reservation can be canceled free of charge 30 days before the event. If the reservation is canceled 29–15 days before the event, the customer will be charged 25% of the entire value of the event. If the reservation is canceled 14-0 days before the event, the subscriber will be charged 50% of the entire event