• Heureka's Science Circus is a traveling exhibition comprised of some of Heureka's all-time favorite exhibits and a fun-filled science theater show. The interactive and circus-like approach of the exhibition teaches the audience about science through discovery. The entertaining science show and eight exhibits shed light on the universe and the structure of life itself. It is so much fun that the audience learns about Everyday Physics and Chemistry without even trying.

    The Science Circus visit begins with the 30-minute science show entitled 'An Atom at Work', after which the audience is guided through eight specially-themed exhibits. The science show introduces the audience to the cycle of atoms, and the creation and adventures of oxygen molecules. The exciting show touches on the concepts of burning, electricity, sound and chemical reactions. The eight individual exhibits relate to the areas of mechanics, biology, physiology and psychology,
    and enable students to experience the Joy of Discovery through their own observations.

  • Technical Information:

    Exhibit: Science show with 8 exhibits
    Size: 250 m²
    Ceiling height: 3.5 m
    Other requirements: Voltage 230 V
    Rental period: Negotiable

    Other costs:
    Shipping, insurance, text translations

    Languages: Designed for 2 languages ​​(Fin, Swe)

    Shipping: One trailer

    Availability: Kindly confirm with hop@heureka.fi