Our Journey in Space

New exhibition now at Heureka - Would you like to become a space professional?

New exhibition

Would you like to be a space professional?

Our Journey in Space exhibition reminds us that the Earth is our best spaceship - let's take care of it!

Space operations are essential to protect Earth and life. In the exhibition, you step into an imaginary space station of the future and learn about space activities there by participating in the tasks of space professionals, where they protect the Earth and explore the universe.

Future space station

Welcome to the space station of the future!

Our Journey in Space is a functional science center exhibit for all ages. The exhibition presents a cross-section of current space activities and plans that will be realized in the next 30 years.

Upon entering the exhibition, the visitor enters the space station of the future orbiting the Earth, where he becomes a space professional through story missions and games. As a space professional, he can protect our planet and explore the universe in six different teams: Earth protector, research pioneer, negotiation professional, welfare maintainer, technologist and visionary. At the end of the exhibition visit, the visitor can describe himself as a space professional in the team of his choice.

Deflect an asteroid or pilot a heat rover

In the exhibition, humanity has returned to the Moon, utilizes its resources and conducts research there. You can also participate in the exhibition on an imaginary trip to Mars and get to know the difficulties of the trip in a fast-paced group game.

In the tasks of the exhibition, you can also deflect an asteroid from its trajectory, clean up space debris, read space weather reports, design a probe, build a space station, practice piloting a spaceship, or ponder the ethical issues of space operations.

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