• Wild Wild Wood demonstrates the versatility of wood as a material. In addition to traditional sawing, wood is now worked with computers and
    automation. Architects are inspired to design taller and taller modern wooden buildings and skyscrapers.

    The exhibition illustrates the importance of forests and durable wooden products in mitigating climate change. The exhibition is a multisensory, personal, and powerful experience of the Wonders of wood, with many shared and engaging activities!

    For example, you can build the wooden city of your Dreams play on a tree species scale

    observe how wood is used through augmented reality binoculars make your impression on a large wood pin wall design, laser engrave and keep a wooden key ring as a souvenir.

    Wild Wild Wood exhibition is suitable for all visitors, families, students as well as adults.

  • Technical information:

    20 + 2
    Size: 600 m²
    Other requirements: Voltage 230 V
    Rental period: Negotiable

    Not included:
    Shipping, insurance, text translations, production of exhibition texts, installation, de-installation

    Languages: Designed for 3 languages ​​(Fin, Swe, Eng)

    Availability: Kindly confirm with hop@heureka.fi

    Exhibition Catalogue:

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