Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to the coronavirus pandemic.


Why can I only buy tickets / book visits beforehand online?

Due to COVID-19 we have restricted the number of visitors we allow in each day, and online sales make it possible to effectively monitor the number of tickets sold. This also minimises physical contact between customers and our personnel. You are asked to give your contact details as part of the buying process in Heureka’s online store, which ensures we can contact you if necessary.

I have a Heureka Club annual pass, a Museum Card, a free entry ticket, a gift card, a cultural benefit, a teacher benefit (OAJ) or I am a personal care assistant. How do I get a ticket?

We have restricted the total number of tickets available per day. If you already have a ticket, or are entitled to admission by some other method, you must still book your admission via our online store. In the online ticket shop you choose first “Heureka ticket” and then the ticket type “I already have a ticket 0€”. You must also present your ticket or other document entitling you to admission to our customer service personnel at the ticket booth on your arrival. If you want to pay your visit with a cultural benefit (ePassi, Edenred, Smartum, Eazybreak) please book your visit beforehand by using the ticket type “I already have a ticket 0€” and pay the visit on your arrival at the ticket booth.

Can I buy the ticket on the day I plan to visit? 

Yes, you can buy your ticket on the same day you plan to visit.

Can I transfer my visit to another date if I have already purchased a ticket?

Please contact our customer service if you have already purchased a ticket and want to change its date.

What measures have you taken to ensure a safe experience both for customers and personnel?

We have taken multiple measures to ensure that Heureka provides a safe customer experience for our customers and a safe working environment for our personnel. To ensure physical distancing, we have limited the number of visitors allowed in at the same time to about one-fifth of our total visitor capacity. We have placed hand sanitizer available at multiple locations and we have increased cleaning. All surfaces also have a photocatalytic coating that prevents viruses and bacteria from growing. All surfaces that are touched often are cleaned intensively and several times a day.

Is there enough hand sanitizer available?

We have increased the availability of hand sanitiser and set up reminders and instructions for hand washing in all restroom facilities. The best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus and other infectious viruses and bacteria is to take care of your hand hygiene. Wash your hands with water and soap often and carefully; at least 20 seconds.

I have flu-like symptoms, can I still visit Heureka? What if I have allergies?

Please do not visit Heureka if you have flu-like symptoms. Cough and sneeze into a single-use tissue and throw the tissue away immediately. If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow instead of your hand. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you just washed your hands. If you have symptoms due to allergy, please only visit Heureka once you are symptom-free.

Are there masks available at Heureka?

Mask are available for purchase at the Heureka Shop.

Are there single-use gloves available at Heureka?

Please bring your own gloves if you wish to wear them. We have made hand sanitizer available for visitors at multiple locations. The Heureka Shop also has touchpad styluses available for purchase.

What are the opening hours of the Science Restaurant and what is on offer for lunch?

Lunch menus and opening hours can be found on the Science Restaurant’s website.

Is the Heureka Shop in Tikkurila open as normal?

Check the information from Heureka Shop’s website.

What measures have you taken to ensure safety in the planetarium?

We have reduced the number of seats available in the planetarium and the number of showings per day. Only every other seat is available, and movies are shown with an interval of 1 hour to ensure we have sufficient time to wipe each arm rest, for example. All movies are in Finnish, but they can be listened to in Swedish, English and Russian with headphones. The headphones are taken to be cleaned after each use and we recommend visitors to use their own headphones whenever possible. Please see our calendar for daily schedules. There is also hand sanitizer available at the planetarium entrance.

Are there rat basketball shows every day?

Yes, our rats play basketball every day. Additional safety measures have been introduced to ensure physical distancing between spectators, for example. Please see our calendar for daily schedules.

Are the laboratory programmes for children still available?

Our laboratories are closed for the time being.

Are there science shows running?

All science shows will be performed at the Event Square stage to enable physical distancing. Please see our calendar for daily schedules.

Can I have a birthday party at Heureka?

Read more from birthday parties.