A piece of sky in Heureka

Finnish Science Centre Heureka’s planetarium offers a unique view on life, nature and the universe.

The planetarium allows you to experience a unique visual 3D experience without glasses. Ever wondered what it would be like to fly inside a meteor shower? As the image on the hemisphere screen covers the entire field of vision, spectators feel like they are at the centre of everything.

Good to know

Technical information

Theatre name: Heureka’s Planetarium
Format: 2D
Projector: 2 Sony SRX-T615 4K with custom lenses
Projector System: Sky-Skan Definiti System
Projector Type: Digital
Screen Type: Dome
Seating Capacity: 135
Theatre Opened: 1989 (renovated in 2007, 2011)
Dome Screen Diameter: 17,5 m

Largest digital planetariums in Europe

Heureka’s planetarium is among the most modern and largest digital planetariums in Europe.

Show times

Daily show times can be found in the calendar.

All movies with one ticket

The Heureka ticket gives one-day admission to all planetarium shows at the science centre.


All of the films shown in the planetarium are in Finnish, but they can also be enjoyed with headphones in Swedish, English and Russian. Headphones are available to visitors at the planetarium’s entrance.

The age restriction

The age restriction for the planetarium is 5 years.

Children under 5 years free of charge to the exhibition (accompanied by an adult).